About EPS Machine

The full name of EPS is expanded polystyrene or styrofoam, EPS Machine is refers to polystyrene foam manufacturing. Whole set of EPS Machine equipment includes pre expander, block sheet and automatic molding machines, cutting machines, recycling pelletizer and auxiliary equipment.The EPS Machine can be divided into intermittent and continuous preset. And automatic shape molding machine is widely used in electric foam packaging, fruit and vegetables foam box and various packaging products. 

About Zhenyou Cooperation Factory

Hebei Zhenyou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 1987, is specialized in the production of EPS foam mechanical unit, is a professional manufacturer of EPS Machine, EPS Shape Moulding Machine, EPS Block Moulding Machine, EPS Pre expander Machine, EPS Cutting Machine, EPS Recycling Machine, PU Sandwich Panel Machine and other Related Machines, Supply at factory price.

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