6 Steps To Make a EPS Mould

fruit box mould

1.First according to the customer supply of samples or drawings, planning the product three-dimensional drawings.Make EPS mould planning according to customer requirement.Through the process requirements and manufacturing process method to determine the mould processing plan and processing materials.

2. Plan to make 2D drawings of EPS muold after making sure, then make foam models by model masters.

3.The model is delivered to the caster to cast the mold and parts.

4.After the die is cast, the program is made by the programming engineer and processed by the CNC machining center.

5.After finishing, each core, cavity and spare parts are further processed, and the accuracy and scale are checked for consistency with the data.

6.After each part is finished, the installer will assemble the scattered parts together, thus a complete set of EPS moulds is made.Check whether the test products are qualified,The products can only be delivered to the customer after they are qualified.

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