Advantages and Characteristics Of EPS Foam Block Machine

EPS Foam Block Machine

EPS (also known as foam block, polystyrene foam board, benzene board, polystyrene block) EPS foam block is made of volatile liquid blowing agent containing the optional polystyrene beads, after heating pre-foaming in the mold after heating and molding of white objects, which have the structural characteristics of micro-fine closed pores. Buy computers with the kind of white foam used to do packaging, color steel sandwich foam composite panels, exterior wall insulation, floor heating, cold storage, sheds, foam boxes vegetable boxes, etc. are made of EPS Foam Block Machine.

The development of many industries in life and are inseparable, sometimes some industries are located in the field have their own brand, today, we are specially introduced to the Hebei Zhen You (Guangxing) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. foam polystyrene board machine, using PLC programmable controller and imported touch screen automatic control cycle production process, automatic fault detection. The vacuum system and pneumatic and hydraulic components are adopted from famous brands at home and abroad to ensure the high quality operation of the equipment. The body of the real gold plate equipment is welded with high quality steel, processed by aging, sandblasting, etc., so that the overall strength of the equipment increases, should not be deformed to withstand the expansion force of higher density plates. Adopt the design of track type sliding door to prevent the deformation of the mold cavity caused by the impact during the operation of the equipment. The mold cavity of polystyrene board equipment adopts special stainless steel template highlighting good tensile strength, high vapor transmission rate and long life.

EPS Foam Block Machine

First, the polystyrene board equipment must be fully checked before work: to ensure the safety of the ground, to determine the material off advanced positive and negative, to detect whether the fan is running normally, as well as the two ends of the limit without any problems.

Second, before the production and processing of the best dry treatment (can be naturally cool dry can also be mechanically dried) before cutting, otherwise too much depletion, low efficiency, but also easy to break the wire, resulting in a waste of energy and affect the quality of the product.

Third, because of the high current working system, must be strictly prohibited foam particles and cutting debris into the slide group line, causing unnecessary fire or other accidents.

Fourth, a long time operation state of the situation, to often watch the temperature of the transformer, the temperature reaches about 60 ℃ need to be timely shutdown, and so the transformer temperature drop before continuing to work.

Fifth, if the distribution box in the current control of the contactor end of the AC is found to darken and damage the phenomenon, to be timely replacement process. Good maintenance of the benzene board equipment can greatly improve efficiency, reduce the rate of failure at work, while bringing greater profits to the enterprise, and make the life of the equipment grow, so regular maintenance of the polystyrene board equipment is very necessary and should not be ignored.

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