Application of Foaming Machine in Daily Life

Although we don’t see the foaming machine in our daily life, it doesn’t foaming machine with seldom use. Due to its superior thermal insulation performance and energy saving performance, it is widely used.

Hard foam foaming machine is inseparable; polyurethane foam construction need PU foam machine; insulation material transportation; automotive industry development needs to be written in polyurethane materials; even clothing and daily necessities are inseparable from a foaming machine series Derivatives.

Our life can not leave foaming pre expander machines, which is the source of the development of the foaming machine industry.

EPS Pre expander machine itself is not a vacuum bubble to be output. It is a foaming agent introduced into the air, dispersed in an aqueous solution, and the liquid-vapor interface is as large as possible, so that the surfactant foaming agent is on the surface of the liquid film and the surrounding air. An electric double layer is formed to form bubbles. A foaming machine is a device that can turn a blowing agent and a certain concentration of an aqueous solution into a foam. It is actually a dispenser. The essence is to introduce air into the aqueous foaming agent solution. The core is to introduce air into the aqueous solution.

The foaming machine is also equivalent to a foaming machine. It is a bubble made up of a mixture of water and air. Foamed concrete is the main body of foam, which is the key equipment and main engine for the production of foam concrete. Without it, there would be no foam concrete.

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