Characteristics and application range of PU Sandwich Panel Machine

India PU Sandwich Production Line

PU Sandwich Production Line for Indian Customers

First, pu sandwich panel machine material thermal conductivity is very low, thermal insulation performance is very good, in the insulation material can be said to be one of the top two, so a lot of places need insulation material first think of is polyurethane sandwich board.

Second, from the perspective of appearance, the appearance of polyurethane sandwich board is very good, with a very delicate appearance, for the construction industry, the construction should not only explain the durability, but also have a unique style aesthetically, so the use of polyurethane sandwich board is a good choice.In the installation, this material is also very convenient and simple, the staff do not need to waste a little time, easily installed.

Third polyurethane sandwich board is very good fire performance, high temperature resistance, which is one of the characteristics of people’s attention, because it has a very good fire performance, so in the fire industry is very frequent and common use.

To say that the scope of use of polyurethane sandwich board, is very much, first of all, we are talking about the construction industry, especially the public building place.There are also industrial plants, warehouses, places like this that use this material because it saves a lot of money, it doesn’t require a lot of money.There are purification engineering, fire industry and so on are needed.

This is the polyurethane sandwich board, the above is the polyurethane sandwich board production line to introduce the characteristics of the material and range of use.Society is in the continuous development, we will find more and more materials for everyone to use, and the polyurethane sandwich board this material people will continue to explore its performance characteristics, make full use of it.