Custom foam packaging needs to pay attention to what performance?

foam packaging

Foam packaging now plays an important role and foam packaging manufacturers are increasingly used in various technical industries, especially in the prevailing commodity economy. Many people do not know why many products need custom foam packaging, because a good foam packaging product can protect our products well. If not, the product will not break easily. Now, even irregular and heterogeneous packaging can be packaged with shaped foam.

foam packaging box

Density is a characteristic that directly determines the weight of the package. Depending on the product requirements, small density packaging is preferred in most cases because it reduces the variety of packaging and the consumption of raw materials, while reducing transportation costs and expenses.

Anti-vibration, modern logistics industry development needs gradually diversified, foam packaging with anti-vibration function of packaging materials are increasingly popular. Foam is such a material, good shock absorption performance, so it can protect the goods well.

Compression resistance and resilience, which is the performance of mechanical properties. Foam has such a good resistance to pressure and resilience, and the performance has many grades. We can choose according to the weight of the packaged goods.

Stability, here refers to the chemical stability, because the PH value of foam is also neutral, so it will not cause corrosion to the goods. It is also very resistant to chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt, so it is widely used.

Water and moisture absorption, such as cardboard boxes, will be wet when encountering water, but foam packaging is different. Can withstand relatively wet environment, water will not deformation regret, but also can absorb external forces.

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