Development History of EPS Foaming Machine

Continuous Pre expander machine

The bubble machine first appeared in foreign countries, and its original model uses the high-speed rotation of the impeller to make bubbles, so it is also known as the “bubble machine”. Later, with the continuous advancement of technology, the technical content of foaming machines continued to improve, and new models continued to appear, forming different technical systems. Foaming machines have been used in my country as early as the 1950s, but they are not special foam foaming models, but mortar mixers. The foaming agent is directly added to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, and the foaming machine and the mortar or concrete are stirred together to generate foam. Later, around the 1970s, special foaming machines, namely high-speed impeller foaming machines, began to appear.

Since then, the technology has been continuously upgraded and replaced, and now it has developed into a third-generation model with high-pressure inflation as the main body, which can basically meet the needs of foamed concrete and foam molding. However, compared with foreign developed countries, the degree of automation of foaming machines in my country is still low, and there is still a certain gap in foaming performance, which needs to be further improved. Judging from the development trend, this gap is gradually narrowing and narrowing. The main advantage of my country’s EPS foaming machine is that the price is low, which can meet the needs of normal use.

Basic process flow:

Raw material EPS bead  — pre expander foaming — EPS Shape Moulding Machine product molding — product drying — product packaging — finished product

eps production line process

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