Development of EPS Foam Molding Machine Equipment

pre expander machine factory

Eps foam molding machine is made of polystyrene with foaming agent.Combined with effective control of water, electricity and gas, through extruding, pressing and pulling, hard foam plastic products with closed hole honeycomb structure, light weight and high pressure resistance and heat preservation performance are produced.

EPS foam plastic machinery and equipment manufacturers in the digestion and absorption of imported on the basis of foam plastic machinery and equipment, through the analysis of the value performance, simplify the technological process of eps foam plastic machinery and equipment, improve the mold structure design, after more than 30 years of development and improvement, Guangxing Machinery developed with high performance and low energy consumption of the eps foam plastic machinery and equipment.

With the large-scale promotion and application of EPS products in the fields of building insulation and road water insulation and freezing prevention in cold regions, EPS foam plastics machinery equipment and products are in short supply in the market.

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