Domestic Customer PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Display

Steel Plate Decoiler

PU Sandwich Machine – Steel Plate Decoiler

Roll Forming System

PU Sandwich Machine – Roll Forming System

pu sandwich panel machine---3

PU Sandwich Machine – Double Belt Curing System

Automatic Cooling System

PU Sandwich Machine – Automatic Cooling System

Automatic Packaging Machine

PU Sandwich Machine – Automatic Packaging Machine

PU PIR EPS Sandwich panel machine includes uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, high pressure foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating device, cutting system, etc….The sandwich panel press machine adopts gantry lift-draw type, locates directly without any foundation. 2+2 type saves much time for panel preparation and discharge time which increase times of efficiency. The polyurethane foaming process of Guangxing can meet various needs of the construction industry. The products produced by polyurethane sandwich panel machine include: insulation board, sandwich board, etc

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