3D Panel Production Line

EPS Wire Mesh Panel Machine is used to produce 3D wall panels, EPS 3D Panel Machine line mainly consists of 2 machines, one is Steel Net Welding Machine and the other is Wire Inserting & Welding Machine (3d panel machine). EPS 3D Panel Machine adopts PLC and touch screen system, strictly positioning of wire meshes, EPS panel and the truss wire crossing panel. The 3D panel is a unique and effective way to easily create a strong insulated concrete building or wall. 3D panel are widely used in every type of concrete structure because of the flexibility of design and ease of use.

· EPS 3D Panel Machine

EPS 3D panel Production Line is a fully automatic plant with electronic process control, producing 3D panels of varying thickness and length accurately, with high precision and strong welds to give the builder a product of outstanding quality. 3D wire mesh panel is a new kind of construction material with good insulation performance, light weight and high strength.