EPS Block Moulding Machine is welded by high-quality profile steel with age heating treatment which can bring a high strength, non-deformation and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products. EPS Block Moulding Machine adopts Multi-gas slot inlet control is adopted to greatly improve the uniformity of the steam division and reduce the steam consumption, Feeding control adopts double feeding technology.

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· EPS Block Molding Machine

Guangxing Machinery provides the best solution for the EPS Block Machine. Guangxing manufacturer provides Vacuum Cooling EPS Block  Machine,  Air Cooling EPS Block Molding MachineAdjustable EPS Block Moulding Machine, Vertical EPS Block Moulding Machine, EPS Energy-saving Block Molding Machine. If you are interested in EPS Block Machine, please contact us for the latest quotation.

The EPS Block Machine is integrated with overseas advanced and special penetrating and heating techniques for shaping, and a high pressure suction fan for material feeding, cooling with a strong penetrability, favorable adhesivity, low consumption of steam, high speed of shaping and low water content so as to ensure the uniformity of inside and outside of the product.

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