EPS Cornices

EPS Foam Cornice advantages: High density and easy-to-fit lightweight Polystyrene coving that provides a perfect, smooth finish, EPS Foam Cornice Adds a great aesthetic to the room, Easy and quick installation by one person, no screws or nails required, The same adhesive can be used for quick fixing, Solvent-free adhesive for multipurpose jobs available in any DIY shop, Any gaps can be filled with acrylic caulk or filler, Ready to paint finish using water-based paint, Moisture resistant to minimize damage from humidity, EPS Foam Cornice can Durable and shock-resistant

· EPS Foam Cornices – Decorative cornice

EPS Foam Cornice also named decorative cornice, It is light weight decoration system, which is made of architectural. Through special process treatment to achieve economic used, light weight, transportation and installation convenient, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon. Manufactured in different thickness and length to meet almost any thermal installation requirement in the temprature range -30 to 60 degree celsius.

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We also manufacture EPS Shape Moulding Machine.