EPS Production Line, Foam Block Moulding Plant

EPS Production Line

· EPS Production Line, EPS Factory Flow Chart Details

①.EPS Raw Material    ②.Air Compressor    ③.Air Tank    ④.Steam Boiler    ⑤.Steam Accumulator   

⑥.Water Pool    ⑦.Cooling Tower    ⑧.EPS Pre expander    ⑨.EPS Silos    ⑩.EPS Shape Moulding Machine   

11.EPS Block Moulding Machine with vacuum tank    12.EPS Block Cutting Machine    13.Dring Room

· Foam Block Moulding Plant Video

EPS Production Line generally have a complete EPS production line, EPS Factory mainly includes EPS Pre expander with fluidized drying bed, EPS shape moulding machine, EPS block moulding machine, EPS block cutting machine and some other equipment, steam boiler, steam accumulator, air tank, air compressor, cooling water tower.

· EPS Machine

Pre expander machine: Mainly used with the eps molding machine or eps block moulding machine, through the density of uniform non-agglomeration of EPS precast materials to meet the production process of packaging products molding conditions.

Dialysis is carried out on newly foamed polybenzene particles to make them rapidly set, shorten the curing time, and dry and dehydrate the newly foamed polybenzene particles.

The working principle is similar to the principle of syringe, it is by virtue of the thrust of screw, the plastic has been plasticized into the molten state of injection into the mold cavity, after curing and shaping the product process, the machine can change different Mould to produce different foam products, EPS mould can be customized, the most common foam vegetable boxes, foam fish boxes, seedling trays, ICF Blocks and So on

Block molding machine is a prefoamed polystyrene particles into the mold cavity, and then through air through heating, so that the particles bond shape.Then, the material in the mold cavity is cooled by air cooling, and finally the plate is made.

EPS Cutting Machine: Cut the finished EPS block into the required size,Then pack and ship the goods.

· EPS Production Line Process

EPS Production line process