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    Foam Block Mahine Equipment Performance and Application

    EPS Block Moulding Machine

    Foam board block machine is widely used in construction and chemical industry. The EPS Block Machine is wear-resistant, vibration-resistant, corrosion-resistant, recyclable, strong, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, non-deformable, reusable and other characteristics, greatly reducing the cost.

    At present, the foam block machine is developing towards the direction of beauty and practicality. The production of high quality foam board cannot be separated from the excellent foam board production line.High quality plate production line has the following characteristics: unit structure compact;Superior performance, screw barrel nitride alloy steel through the optimal design, plasticizing uniform;High output;Life is long.

    EPS foam board has excellent thermal insulation performance, fire performance up to B1 class difficult to burn.The technology of fire insulation board applies the cross-field and cross-disciplinary polymer technology, completely abandoning the molecular modification of the original materials such as EPS, or the path of adding flame retardant, introducing a new concept of fire prevention.During the process of thermal expansion, organic polymer drives inorganic molecules to the edge of the movement, and finally forms a honeycomb isolation chamber, so that each organic macromolecule particle forms a relatively independent fireproof individual, thus effectively blocking the heat conduction and flame transmission, achieving the effect of flame retardant.

    eps foam board

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