Understanding the Foam Block Machine Application

EPS Block Moulding Machine

The application of foam block machines has revolutionized the construction and chemical industries. These machines, known for their wear-resistance, vibration-resistance, and corrosion-resistance, have become indispensable tools in producing high-quality foam boards. Not only are they recyclable, strong, and anti-aging, but they also boast waterproof, moisture-proof, and non-deformable characteristics. This has significantly reduced costs in the production process.

A foam block machine is essential in the production of foam boards that are widely recognized for their superior thermal insulation performance. Impressively, the fire performance of these boards reaches up to a B1 class, making them difficult to burn. This is a testament to the machine’s ability to produce top-tier products that prioritize safety.

The evolution of foam block machines leans towards a blend of aesthetics and practicality. The production of high-quality foam boards is heavily reliant on an exceptional foam board production line. Noteworthy characteristics of a high-quality plate production line include a compact unit structure, outstanding performance, uniform plasticizing due to the optimal design of nitride alloy steel in the screw barrel, high output, and longevity.

A groundbreaking aspect of this technology is its application of cross-field and cross-disciplinary polymer technology. This approach completely abandons the molecular modification of original materials like EPS or the addition of flame retardants. Instead, it introduces a novel fire prevention concept. During the thermal expansion process, the organic polymer propels inorganic molecules to the edge of the movement. This results in the formation of a honeycomb isolation chamber. Consequently, each organic macromolecule particle becomes a relatively independent fireproof entity. This ingenious design effectively blocks heat conduction and flame transmission, achieving remarkable flame retardant effects.

eps foam board

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