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    Foamed Plastic Has Eight Main Features

    1. Foam is light in weight

    Compared with the same material, foamed plastic has the advantages of low density, light weight, less material consumption and lower production cost.

    2. Good adiabatic performance

    Foam plastic contains a large number of micro bubbles, with excellent thermal insulation properties, is a good thermal insulation material.

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    3. Excellent shock resistance

    Foam plastic has a good impact resistance, shockproof effect is good, can effectively protect the packaging of goods, according to the weight of the packaging of goods to choose different performance of foam plastic.

    4. Good resilience

    Foamed plastic has good physical and mechanical properties, especially the good resilience of soft foam, which makes it a good cushion material.

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    5. Easy processing

    Processing performance is good, can make the soft qualitative with different density and hard foamed plastics already, can press the appearance of packaging article, dimension again mould presses all sorts of packaging container, still can use adhesive to bond foamed board (block) material, make all sorts of buffering structure material.

    6. Water resistance

    It has good water resistance and low hygroscopicity, even in a relatively wet condition will not appear deformation and destruction of the body, affecting its ability to absorb external forces.

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    7. High strength

    High density rigid foamed plastic can withstand high pressure and can be used as wood imitation material to save resources.

    8. Easy to burn

    Foam is generally easier to burn than similar non-foam products.

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