Foaming Machine Technology in Pre-expander Machinery

eps Pre expander machine

The foaming machine itself is not possible to produce foam out of thin air, it is the introduction of air into the aqueous solution of foaming agent uniform dispersion, to achieve the largest possible contact interface between the liquid and gas, so that the surface active substances in the foaming agent in the liquid surface to form a double electric layer and surround the air, forming a bubble. Therefore, the foaming machine is also equivalent to a bubble making machine. It is equivalent to mixing the aqueous solution of foaming agent with air and making bubbles. The main body of foam concrete is foam, so the foam making machine becomes the key equipment and host of foam concrete production. Without it, there would be no foam concrete.

eps Pre expander machine

At present, domestic models also have imitation of imported models, such as imitation of South Korea’s floor heating foam machine. However, the price of this imitation model has been roughly equivalent to imported models, to popularize the application, there are some price resistance. With technological upgrades and progress, the price is bound to rise, but it is unlikely to be too high. Domestic and foreign foaming machine no matter how many brands, how many models, but from the foam mechanical principle to divide, currently widely used only high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, blower in the low-pressure type and other three categories. They are different from the same type of models, only the differences in their ancillary equipment and automation control, the structure of the foaming part is largely the same.

Basic process flow:

Raw material EPS bead  — pre expander foaming — EPS Shape Moulding Machine product molding — product drying — product packaging — finished product

eps production line process

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