How should foam scrap become a valuable commodity again?

foam recycle

Recycling is the beginning of its rebirth, and the beginning of foam recycling is the foam compressor. A matter of common sense, foam is a large volume of light material, it is more than 95% air, so you see mountains of foam waste in front of you in fact the real mass is not very large. The first step in recycling foam is to compress it through a foam cold press or foam hot melt machine. The volume of the treated foam is reduced to 1 in 50 or even 1 in 90 of the original volume, which is an exciting figure. Because this compression ratio means that your site, your logistics costs will be greatly reduced, and this is the first point of gain that a foam compressor brings – cost reduction.

foam recycling

How to realize the material after the foam compressor treatment?

When the foam waste is transformed into foam compressed material, it can be realized at this time. There are a large number of collection companies that will recycle this material for a series of operations such as subsequent granulation and regeneration, so just the compressed material has the ability to be realized.

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