Introduction of polystyrene foaming machine

Continuous Pre expander machine

The full name of polystyrene particles is EPS expanded polystyrene foam particles, also known as expanded polystyrene particles. The material is made of EPS expandable polystyrene resin beads as the base material to expand steam foam. Its superior thermal insulation properties are widely used in polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar, homogeneous fire insulation board, polymer thermal insulation board, polystyrene particle lightweight partition board, filling particle and EPS foam board, polystyrene board and graphite board. Gold plate and other thermal insulation areas.

Continuous Pre expander machine

First of all, the production of EPS polystyrene granule machine equipment – polystyrene granule foaming machine is to first physically expand the raw materials through steam in the polystyrene granule foaming machine. The whole process is fully automatic touch control, which greatly improves the production capacity. Humanized, and then transport the prepared granules to the EPS polystyrene granule storage bin through the vulcanization drying bed. The indoor temperature is naturally aged at 25 degrees Celsius for 1-2 hours before use. The operator can get started with 1-2 days of training throughout the process. 

Basic process flow:

Raw material EPS bead  — pre expander foaming — EPS Shape Moulding Machine product molding — product drying — product packaging — finished product

eps production line process

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