Operational points of EPS pre expansion machine

high precision eps pre-expander

Operational points of EPS pre expander machine

1. Open the side door of the pre-inspection machine, check whether there are blisters or other sundries in the EPS pre-expansion machine, whether there are blisters on the thermometer probe, and then tighten the screws of the side door;

2. Adjust the height of the air outlet to the required height, and check whether the exhaust system pipeline is smooth;

3. Check the total steam pressure, not less than 3.5kg/cm3, check whether the compressed air pressure in the propeller is lower than 4.5kg/cm3;

4. Turn on the stirring motor, exhaust fan motor, feeding fan, fluidized bed dryer, and feeding motor of the EPS pre-generator;

5. Open the steam inlet and outlet valves to preheat the preheater. Generally speaking, the preheating temperature must reach about 80 degrees;

6. After adjusting the feed speed, feed. According to the packing density, shrinkage rate, elasticity and roundness of the air bubble particles at the outlet, timely adjust the feeding speed, steam size, outlet height and compressed air intake to stabilize the operation process as soon as possible and reach the specified packing density.

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