3D EPS CNC Carving Machine

3D EPS CNC Carving Machine

3D EPS CNC Carving Machine Features

It can be used for flat relief cutting and three-dimensional engraving.

One machine is multiple purpose , saving time and labor.

It can cut various in three-dimensional processing, such as Ro,am column , dragon column , figures , animals , casper , wedding foam and so on .

Easy to carve and cut on EPS foam block and panel .

Suitable for building, planning and design units to use as working model.

Building components,European relief carving,cutting. For the production of foam mouldsStandard equipped with deduster and deliver with free sculpture gallery .

Technical Parameter

Item Technical Parameter
Working route 1300mm×2000mm×190mm
Distinguishability 0.04mm/300mm
Rotation diameter 500mm
Rotation height 2000mm
Power 3.0KW
Drive type Step motor high distinguishability drive
Drive quantity Y axle double drive
Guide rail way Straight line and wide square rail mitre square
Z axle Taiwan TBI high precision pre-tight anti-backlash screw
Bed table board Thick and stable table board
Working instruction G code
Properties Aging vibration treatment, integration steel structure, high precision, high strength, high stable
Features ◆ full welded structure, stable, not easy deforming, long life time, the beam with8 hours heat treatment, high strength, stable working.

◆ Y axle adopts double motors drive and integration steel structure, operating stable, with high efficiency.

◆ It adopts high precision gear rack transmission, working speed fast, high precision.

Usage ◆ EPS foam European style decoration, building, kinds of EPS foam pediment and other shape sculpture.

3D EPS CNC Carving Machine Application

Automatic-EPS-3d-cutting application
Automatic-EPS-3d-cutting application

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