Air Cooling Adjustable EPS Block Moulding Machine

Adjustable EPS Block Moulding Machine

Air Cooling EPS Block Machine Introduction

The machine is welded with high-quality steel and subjected to aging heat treatment to make the machine strong and non-deformation and able to withstand the expansion of high-density products.

The machine adopts PLC full computer touch display screen control, which enables the machine achieve fully automated cycle operation include mold opening, feeding, heating, heat preservation, vacuum cooling, and demould out the finished product.

The surface of the machine cavity is made of special aluminum alloy main board, which has high heat transfer efficiency, good tensile strength and long service life.

The machine adopts high-efficiency vacuum pump cooling device, which has strong penetrating power, good adhesion, less steam consumption, fast forming speed and low water content. It can ensure the consistency of internal and external thickened foam composite board, and the production efficiency will increase exponentially.

The machine movement adopts synchronous speed changer, the adjustment range is large, and the lifting size can be adjusted arbitrarily to realize multi-purpose of one machine.

Air Cooling EPS Block Machine Parameter

Adjustable EPS Block Moulding Machine Specifications

Air Cooling EPS Block Machine Application

EPS Block Machine Application

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