Automatic Continuous EPS Foam Cutting Machine

Automatic Continuous EPS Foam Cutting Machine

Automatic Continuous EPS Foam Cutting Machine

Product categories:EPS Cutting Machine

Product display:Automatic Continuous EPS Foam Cutting Machine,EPS Cutting Machine,EPS Foam Cutting Machine,Full Automatic EPS Foam Sheets Cutting Machine

Product description:The main frame of the machine is made of aluminum alloy profile connected by special joints with stable function and performance, reasonable structure, high precision, easy and good.

Product Parameter

Cutting Block Dimension(Length)mm20002000-41202000-61202000-8160
Cutting Block Dimension(Width)mm1000-13001000-13001000-13001000-1300
Cutting Block Dimension(Height)mm500-1260500-1260500-1260500-1260
Max Cutting Thicknessmm10101010
Cutting Densitykg/mm4-404-404-404-40
Cutting Speedmm/min0-50-50-50-5
Hot Wire Max Setting(Horzontal)piece50505050
Hot Wire Max Setting(Vertical)piece20202020
Hot Wire Max Setting(Cross Cutting)piece20202020
Matenal and Diameter of Hot wire diametermm0.4,G20NI80
Total Installation Powerkw36.4-38.4
Transformer Powerkw30
Machine Weightg3500-4000(customized)

Automatic Continuous EPS Foam Cutting Machine Introtuction:

1) With automatic wire setting system to set cutting wire automatically for different cutting sizes. Efficiency improved & Energy saving .

2) By vibration cutting for horizontal and vertical cutting, the whole work efficiency increase twice over compared with the traditional cutting.

3) With correct device& block holding device for each station(vertical, horizontal and cross cutting) improve the cutting high precision.

4) With PLC and light sensor control, fully-automatic;

5) Working procedure: This is a fully-automatic and continuous cutting line which can process 5 blocks together at the same time.

6) It uses PLC control, and the blocks will be stopped and transferred automatically by reaching the light sensor.

7) The block will be cut horizontally in the first station, then transferred to the next station for vertical cutting, then transferred to cross cutting station. The end is products collection.

Technical Parameters


work process

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