Project Description

Automatic Thermocol Cutting Machine

Main Features

High – precision automatic wire adjustment, level correction, 2 minutes to complete crosscutting wire adjustment, vibration cutting, reducing cutting melt, saving time and money; Large output, labor saving; and can be equipped with a recovery system, a stacking system, a stacking system and a packing system. The broken wire and power failure detection.

1. Automatic turnover in stratified cutting

Automatic Thermocol Cutting Machine

2. Cutting edge

Automatic Thermocol Cutting Machine

3. Finishing the right off

Automatic Thermocol Cutting Machine

4. Transport packaging

Automatic Thermocol Cutting Machine

Technical Parameter

ItemInstalled Power(KW)Transformer(KW)Maximum cutting size
Overall dimensions
Cutting density range
Cutting density(0-3)
Stratified CuttingCutting: 4.25Draught fan: 0.4815......*1230*1260......*2460*29204-400-3
Cutting EdgeCutting: 1.3Draught fan: 0.25......*1230*1260......*1730*2400
Finishing the right offCutting: 1.65Draught fan: 0.48106000*1230*12606500*2100*2566
Total cutting line36.4 - 38.43030000*2460*2920

Thermocol Cutting Machine Application

EPS Cutting Application

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