Continuous PU/PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line

Continuous PUPURPIR Sandwich Panel-Production-Line

Continuous PU/PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line Description: 

The whole PU Sandwich Production Line includes uncoiling system, film covering and cutting system, roll forming machine, preheating oven, high pressure foaming system, double belt conveyor, double belt heating device, cutting system, etc.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine Parameter

Item Parameter
Applicable Raw Material Type Color steel, Galvanized sheet, Aluminum sheet
(mm) Thickness 0.2-0.8
(Mpa) Width ≤1250 (Max)
Specifications of Producible Sandwich Panel (mm) Length 2000-16000
(mm) Width 600-1200
(mm) Thickness 30-200 (Not including height of corrugation)
Production Speed (m/min) 3-10 (Adjustable)
Valid length of double belt conveyor (mm) 16000-36000
Work pressure on pouring foam (Bar) 150-200
Total power (KW) About 300
Total Size (Length x Width x Height) (mm) 130000 x 15000 x 6000

PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Introtuction:

The whole PU sandwich panel production line work process: Uncoiler will uncoil the steel sheet which goes to the roll forming machine. Then the upper and down roll formed panel will go to the double belt press machine while the PU foaming machine inject the PU inside at the same time. After 24m movement and heating, they will get sticked and come out of the press machine. Then the cutting machine will cut the panel into pieces. Then it can goes for the packing.

PU Sandwich Panel Production Line Features:

1. Beautiful sandwich panels with high practicality, such as insulation, sound-proofing and flame retardance.

2. Hot air circulation furnace strictly controls PU foaming and solidification temperature in suitable range.

3. Precise measurement, high stability, little dust making of the high pressure foaming system protect worker’s health from harm in producing.

4. Using 141B (or cyclopentane), instead of CFC as vesicant, PU foaming treatment becomes an environment-friendly production technology.

5. Special double belt conveyor design ensures flat surface, even thickness and anti-deformation of panels.

6. User-friendly design and simple operation control system: HMI together with PLC computer.

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