EPS Energy-saving Block Molding Machine

Energy Saving EPS Block Machine

EPS Energy-saving Block Molding Machine

Product Introduction:

A. Structure

1.The equipment is made by welded high-strength rectangular tubes and steel plates, processed with aging heat treatment to enable the machine has high strength;

2. All the mechanical modules are annealed and milled by gantry milling to remove internal stress which protect the machine from deformation and withstand the expansion forces from high-density products;

3, Adopts reed switch electric contact pressure gauge and external safety valve to double protect the equipment. Hydraulic pressure and steam test could ensure the machine work stably.

B. Heating System Structure

1. Single airway cross-penetration, compared with the equipment with same configuration save 30%~50% steam, cooling also uses single air passage cross cooling, which greatly reduces the cooling time.

2. The outer frame uses rock wool to reduce the steam condensation rate and reduce the moisture content of the completed product.

C. Automatic Control

1. Adopts Schneider PLC and touch screen to achieve full computer control and full automation cycle operation include the mold opening and closing, feeding, heating, insulation, vacuum cooling, demould and eject the finished product.

2. Adopts special and advantage through-heating moulding technology, it is equipped high pressure induced draft fan suction and cooling, with strong penetration, low steam consumption, fast molding performance, to ensure consistent inside and outside the product with good adhesion and low moisture.

Product Parameter


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