Project Description

EPP Automatic Moulding Machine

EPP Moulding Machine
EPP Moulding-Machine

EPP Moulding Machine

High Production Efficient, Low Energy Consumption and Low running Cost.

Product Description:

Excellent Machine Structure:

The EPP Moulding Machine has balance guiding system to ensure product with same thickness and size of one cycle

The Machine Used Sandblasting Derusting,Zinc spraying on frame surface, to be bigger anti-corrosion

Directly welded by 16Mn, More fix and bigger machine strength

Single dismantling of the rod —-No dismantling equipment

Omni-directional security encircling Guarantee the safety of personnel

Big diameter valve can offer enough supplying capacity in an instant

Finished by One-time machining of imported CNC machining center to ensure high quality

Special Steam Pipeline System:

1. The EPP Moulding Machine using big quantity, Pressure sensor combined with proportional valve to control steam system, ensuring to have an fast and stable heating.

2. The EPP Machine using an high precision industrial computer, a millisecond mould cavity pressure collection, and by a computer PID algorithm, to accurately control the opening/close degree of the valve.

3. It can not only quickly reach the pressure setting value (<1.5S), but also can stabilize control the cavity pressure to be an upper and lower limits.

The Machine Parameter:

Steam chambermm1000×12001300×15001500×2200
Max molding areamm700X12001200×14001400×2100
Max thickness productmm400400400
Max stroke distancemm125012501250
Max steam pressurebar888
Mould-locking pressureKN64510351600
filling injector/gun interface2X16  G12X25  G12X25  G1
Inlet of raw materialinchR2’’/DN50R2’’/DN50R2’’/DN50
Steam inletinchR4’’/DN100R4’’/DN100R5’’/DN125
Air inletinchR2’’/DN50& R1-1/2’’/DN40R2’-1/2/DN50& R1-1/2’’/DN40R2’’-1/2/DN65& R1-1/2’’/DN40
Cooling water inletinchR2-1/2’’/DN65R2-1/2’’/DN65R2-1/2’’/DN65
Main drainage outletinchR6’’/DN150R6’’/DN150R6’’/DN150
Drainage outlet of condenserinchR3’’/DN80R3’’/DN80R3’’/DN80
Control screen10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN
hydraulic motorkw5.5kw-50Hz7.5kw-50Hz7.5kw-50Hz
Vacuum pumpkw5.5kw-50Hz5.5kw-50Hz5.5kw-50Hz
Suction material fankw1.5kw-50Hz1.5kw-50Hz1.5kw-50Hz
Outside dimensionmm5200X2800X43005300x3000x49205300x3800x5300
Equipment N.WkgAbout 9500About 11300About 14000

EPP Molding Machine Application

epp moulding machine application

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