EPS CNC Foam Cutting Machine

//EPS CNC Foam Cutting Machine
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Project Description

EPS CNC Foam Cutting Machine

Accuracy Precision Hot Wire EPS CNC Foam Cutting Machine

1) Max.Size of the Productive(Max size to be cut) :2500x2000x1000MM
2) Transformer Capacity: 5KVA
3) Number of Operating Hot Wire Simultaneously: 1-20 Piece
4) The Material Of The Hot Wire: Nichrome wire
5) The Thickness Of The Hot Wire: 0.4-0.8MM
6) Control System: Auto CAD
7) Cutting Mode: Two Dimension
8) Max External Dimension: 4000x3400x2400MM
9) Installed Weight: 800Kg

Main Features:

1) It can cut many kinds of two-dimensional and rotational parts, which is mainly used to cut rotational molds with more curves such as European components, T slot board, column, pellet, etc..

It allows designing all kinds of two-dimensional figures so as to satisfy market requirements.
2) It can draw all kinds figures with CAD/CAM on computer and cut directly, or can cut after the cutting file is run from U-disc.

3) The main frame of the machine is made of iron profile connected by special joints with stable function and performance, reasonable structure, high precision, easy and convenient operation which can save time, strength and raw material.

4) With full automatic industrial control system, the machine adopts top class motion control board at home with quick response, strong anti-interference ability, high control precision, stable control and operation, favorable self-diagnosis and self-adaptive ability, etc. which can work all day for long term.

5) With convenient operating interface, the machine can display the parts to the cut, follow the cutting path as well as their respective status such as limits, alarm, operation conditions of each axis, etc.

6) With high strength and stability mechanical design, the machine can work smoothly with numerical control system and there is no need to adjust.

7) The machine has double track notion design with high precision,  which is durable.

8) It is equipped with stepper motor which can be controlled together with curves’ acceleration-deceleration by software except for stable work, free speed installed on numerical control and fixed brackets so than the board can be cut and formed once.

9) The machine allows broken wire changing during cutting.