CNC EPS Foam Cutting Machine

EPS Foam Cutting Machine

With 30 years experience, Zhenyou Machinery make the qualified Thermocol Cutting Machine, Thermocol Cutter, Hot Wire Foam Cutter, Styrofoam Cutter, EPS Cutting Machine, CNC EPS Foam Cutting Machine, EPS Cutting Machine. We provide Turn-key service for EPS production.

CNC EPS Foam Cutting Machine Introduction

Hot Wire EPS Foam Cutting Machine

The main frame of the machine is welded from square profile steel with a strong structure, high strength and no deformation.

The machine has horizontal, vertical and cross cutting devices and can realize 3-direction cutting, i.e. horizontal, vertical andcross cutting.

The machine is integrated with frequency control to realize a large range (0-4m/min) of stable and stepless speed adjusting which is suitable for the requirement for low-speed cutting and high-speed retracting.

The machine has a whole-block cutting system to improve the production efficiency and size precision which is suitable for wall panel cutting.

Technical Parameter

Item Unit PSQ600 PSQ800 Multi-functional Cutting Machine
Max Size of Productive mm 6000*1250*1250 8000*1250*1250 6000*1250*1250
Transfomer Capacity Kva 5.2 5.2 15
Total Power of stalled Machine Kw 6.55 6.55 17.45
Max Extemal Dimensions mm 8800*1900*2480 10800*1900*2480 8000*1900*2480
Stalled Weight Kg 1800 2200 2800

CNC EPS Foam Cutting Machine Application

eps cutting machine

EPS Cutting Machine Work Process

eps cutting machine work process

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