Foam Box Printing Machine-UV Printer For EPS

EPS Foam Box Printing Machine
EPS box printing machine

This EPS Foam Printing Machine adopts UV printer technology, UV is the English abbreviation of ultraviolet light, this Foam Printing Machine has UV lamp (divided into mercury lamp and LED lamp) can make the print pattern that is dry, immediately take the sample. With four nozzles, corresponding to the basic colors C, K, M, Y, so as to spray paint a beautiful pattern.

Technical Parameter:

Item FBPM-2518 FBPM-3013
Color Black/White Black/White
Max print size 2500mm*1800mm 3000mm*1300mm
Print height 1mm~600mm 1mm~600mm
Print Accuracy 300dpi 300dpi
Number of printheads 4 color 4 color
Printhead upgrades Support 16 printhead Support 16 printhead
Printing color C、M、Y、K C、M、Y、K
UV Light UV light(Korea) UV light(Korea)
Power input AC220±10 50HZ~60HZ AC220±10 50HZ~60HZ
24 hours Print capacity with (290*170)mm 9,000~15,000 pcs 13,000~18,000pcs

The Machine Application:

eps foam box printing

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