EPS Foam Buoy Mold

Main types of Molds:

1- EPP molds: automotive parts (bumper, sun visor, tool box, seat cushion, foot pad, etc.), solar packaging, child seats, toy airplanes,

mattresses, etc.;

2- EPS molds: all kinds of ordinary packaging parts, various special structural parts including refrigerators,air conditioners,etc, also

with plastic parts / iron parts / plastic sheets / barb core / netting / leather lines / and floats, etc.

Foam Buoy Description:

Regular size:





EPS Foam Buoy Mold Application

The Foam Buoy can be used for the construction of cage platforms, fishing platforms, and various water platforms. It adopts solid compression and has a buoyancy of more than 100 kg. It is easy to install and durable.

Foam float bowl

Work Process

EPS Foam Fruit Box Mould

Features of Our EPS Molds:

1. Moulds are made of high-quality & high strength aluminum alloy with Telfon surface coating,

2. Advanced European Technology brings moulds with easy demoulding, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistence and long life.

3. Experienced engineers can customize moulds according to client’s requirements.

4. Client’s sample products can be converted to CAD drawings / 3D drawings.

5. Normally, Moulds can be delivered in 2 weeks.

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