EPS Foam Block Packing Machine

EPS Foam Product Packaging Machine
EPS Foam Product Packaging-Machine

EPS Product Packaging Machine also named 6 Side EPS Packaging Machine, It is specially designed for packaging foam products. It has an adjustable frame for both width and height, which is suitable for the packaging of various sizes of EPS foam products.

Technical Parameter:

Item Unit EBP1216 EBP1818
Conveying table size mm 3000×650 4000×850
Packing size mm 1200x600x600 1800x1000x800
Packaging speed Minute/mould 3-5 3-5
Power voltage 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
Power kw 2 2
Sealing time/temperature S/℃ 0.5-1.5s/0-250℃ 0.5-1.5s/0-250℃
Film Width mm 1200mm 1800mm
Weight kg 1200 1200
Working pressure MPa 0.5 0.5
The machine size mm 3200x2300x2400 3500x2800x2400

The Machine Features:

1. This eps sheet packaging machine is a fully automatic packaging machine with automatic counting, arranging, feeding, sealing and other processes. This set of equipment adopts advanced technology. The main accessories are all well-known brands at home and abroad, such as Omron, Shike, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc., with stable and reliable performance.
2. The whole machine has stable performance and long service life. It is suitable for automatic packaging of large and lightweight items such as EPS foam sheets. Suitable for PVC or PE shrink film. The maximum package size is 1800x 1000x 800mm.
3. Special electric heating arrangement, uniform heat distribution. The body is small and occupies a small area. It is suitable for small batch production and medium batch production, and can be matched with a fully automatic continuous plate cutting machine to realize the automatic process of automatic cutting and packaging.

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