EPS Recycling System, pelletizing machine

pelletizing machine

EPS Recycling pelletizing machine Video:

The EPS Recycling pelletizing machine mainly function is to recycle the eps block scrap to make granules . The Extruding Pelletizing System mainly made up by Styrofoam scrap crushing machine, Styrofoam scrap melting machine, extruting machine, water tank, pearl cutting machine, control cabinet.

Pelletizing Machine Features:

Raw material feeding mouth

Raw material feeding mouth

EPS Scrap Melting Machine

Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine

Extrusion machine

Extrusion Machine

water tank

Water Tank

Extruding Pelletizing Machine Parameter:

Item Technical Parameter
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Size 1500x1200x900Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Size 1600x1500x800Mm
Extrusion diameter and length 325mm & 1050mm
Extruting machine size 1500x1300x1200Mm
Water Tank Size 2000x400x350Mm
Pearl Cutting Machine 1100x800x550Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Motor 5.5Kw
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Motor 18.5Kw
Extruting machine Motor 7.5Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Motor 2.2Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Hob number 19

Styrofoam Recycle Machine Application:


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