Fireproof EPS Storage Silo For EPS Machine

EPS Storage-Silo
EPS Material Storage Silo

EPS Storage Silo with fireproof and moisture-proof characteristics.

The fully automatic fireproof EPS storage silo is a fully automatic EPS raw material storage silo system specially designed for EPS expandable polystyrene manufacturers to improve efficiency.

EPS Storage Silo System Structure Composition

1. Touch Screen and PLC
2. Level sensors (up location sensor, down location sensor)
3. Pneumatic valve and discharge valve & electromagnetic valve
4. Moisture-proof Fireproof EPS silo storage bags
5. EPS silo flame with Galvanized square tube
6. Diameter galvanized pipe as whole EPS transportation system.

EPS Storage Silo System Application

EPS Material Storage Silo

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