Foam Ice Box Mold

Main types of molds:

1- EPP molds: automotive parts (bumper, sun visor, tool box, seat cushion, foot pad, etc.), solar packaging, child seats, toy airplanes,

mattresses, etc.;

2- EPS molds: all kinds of ordinary packaging parts, various special structural parts including refrigerators,air conditioners,etc, also

with plastic parts / iron parts / plastic sheets / barb core / netting / leather lines / and floats, etc.

Foam Ice Box Mold Description:

Foam ice boxes are a perfect solution to keeping the perishable products or items at a constant temperature for easy transport. Perfect for the food and medical industry.

Foam Ice Box Mold Application

By popular demand! This container fits as an insert into USPS’ large Priority Flat Rate and Service Personnel boxes. Now perishables and other temperature sensitive items (such as chocolates, cakes, burgers, sausages, flowers, or medications) can be mailed at a flat rate in a temperature controlled environment. Simply, place the item(s) you want to ship in the recommended poly bag liner, place that bag in the container, surround the bag with our leak-proof ICE-BRIX.

foam ice box mold application

Work Process

EPS Foam Fruit Box Mould

Features of Our EPS Moulds:

1. Moulds are made of high-quality & high strength aluminum alloy with Telfon surface coating,

2. Advanced European Technology brings moulds with easy demoulding, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistence and long life.

3. Experienced engineers can customize moulds according to client’s requirements.

4. Client’s sample products can be converted to CAD drawings / 3D drawings.

5. Normally, Moulds can be delivered in 2 weeks.

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