Graphite Polystyrene Beads

Graphite polystyrene

Graphite polystyrene (SEPS) is a new type polystyrene insulation material coated with chemical.

Expanded graphite and phosphate compound are coated as flame retardants. It has better fire-resistance(B1 in China National Standard) and thermal performance(thermal conductivity λ lower 20% of the common polystyrene).

Main Features

Compared to the ordinary expanded polystyrene, graphite polystyrene has obvious advantage in thermal insulation, fire-retardant performance and cost-effective.

Take the research data of BASF for explaination—check the diagram below

(1) Compared to the ordinary polystyrene block, thermal conductivity of graphite polystyrene block reduced by 20%.

(2) It is easy to tell that density of SEPS is smaller than EPS from the diagram.

(3) To ensure the same level of insulation, quantity of SEPS is around 50% less than EPS.

(4) With high melting point, SEPS with graphite needs more time and high temperature to melt. When heating blocks near the fire, EPS would be burned instantaneously while no fire for SEPS. So in the same condition, EPS burns more completely and fast than SEPS.

(5) In addition, SEPS board has better conductivity which helps a lot to prevent the static fire during production. Above all, SEPS is much more effective with better thermal insulation and fire-retardant performance.

Production Process

eps production process

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