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200 Type Round High Precision Expanded Polystyrene Machine

High Precision Expanded Expanded Polystyrene Machine

High Precision Expanded Polystyrene Machine Features:

A. Round barrel structure which makes the steam spread more even and reasonable.

B. Barrel adopts 8mm thickness 304 stainless steel structure, strong strength; stir shaft and agitator chrome coated, smooth and no material adhering.

C. Big repair hole, easy for operator to do machine maintain or repair.

D. Big casting aluminum material discharge door which makes the material discharge speed faster, also reduce the material discharging time.

E. Fluid drying bed adopts full close structure, easy to connect with VOC.

A. Pressure control, The Expanded Polystyrene Foam Machine adopts pressure reducing valve (Yoshitake, Japan) with PID valve (Burkert, Germany) to control the steam pressure, ensure constant pressure, constant temperature to achieve the foaming precision.

B. Material level control, it adopts Germany imported vibration level sensor to control the foaming level precision to achieve the beads density precision.

C. Material feeding weighing control, it adopts electrical weighing feeding system, setting the feeding weight through touch screen, and automatic weighing to achieve material feeding weight precision.

A. The High Precision Expanded Polystyrene Foam Machine adopts world famous brand Siemens PLC control system to ensure stable control.

B. The High Precision Expanded Polystyrene Machine adopts 10 inches Siemens touch screen to ensure control screen clear and easy operation.

C. It adopts Germany imported pressure sensor to ensure pressure control precision.

D. It adopts Germany imported pneumatic adjustable angle seat valve to ensure steam control more stable.

200 Expanded Polystyrene Machine Parameter

Technical specification

High Precision Expanded Polystyrene Machine Parameter:

1.Barrel diametermmΦ1600-Φ2000
2.Barrel heightmm2300
3.Barrel thicknessmm8.0
5.Effective capacity5.6
6.Fluid drying bedmm2000*6000
7.Steam pressureMpa0.6-0.8
8.Compressed air pressureMpa0.6-0.8
9.Foaming densityg12.0-30.0(first expansion)
10Production capacityFirst expansion
11Installed powerKw50KW

EPS Pre expander Application:

Pre expander Application

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