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K813P-K1522P EPP Machine For Box

EPP Machine

K813P-K1522P EPP Machine Features:

EPP Machine

Excellent Filling Performance

Filling ways: Normal pressure filling Compression filling Vacuum filling Filling with 0 crack

Filling number: 3 (The EPP Moulding Machine Can be changed according to product)

Filling control: Using high frequency solenoid valve, intelligent proportional valve and pressure sensor,to have an accurate real time control

Special Steam Pipeline System

1.The Machine Uses the ways of combined rotary assembly type, which reduce the hose using, to reduce more cost in the future.

2.Use the ways of high frequency combined solenoid valve (SMC) and digital proportional valve with Pressure sensor to control the steam through two set of pipes, which ensure the Efficiency and stability of equipment steam, and also reduce steam loss at the same time.

High-precision Excellent Machine Structure

The EPP Machine Made by high quality steel plate. Directly welded by 16Mn, More fix and bigger machine strength, After welding and pre-machining, machine main frame is processed with stress relief annealing treatment. Whole machine is processed with abrasive blasting, electrostatic spray and anti-corrosion treatment, ensure the equipment non-rust, non-corrosion and non-deformation in working.

K813P-K1522P EPP Machine Parameter:

Steam chambermm1000×12001300×15001500×2200
Max molding areamm700X12001200×14001400×2100
Max thickness productmm400400400
Max stroke distancemm125012501250
Max steam pressurebar888
Mould-locking pressureKN64510351600
filling injector/gun interface2X16  G12X25  G12X25  G1
Inlet of raw materialinchR2’’/DN50R2’’/DN50R2’’/DN50
Steam inletinchR4’’/DN100R4’’/DN100R5’’/DN125
Air inletinchR2’’/DN50& R1-1/2’’/DN40R2’-1/2/DN50& R1-1/2’’/DN40R2’’-1/2/DN65& R1-1/2’’/DN40
Cooling water inletinchR2-1/2’’/DN65R2-1/2’’/DN65R2-1/2’’/DN65
Main drainage outletinchR6’’/DN150R6’’/DN150R6’’/DN150
Drainage outlet of condenserinchR3’’/DN80R3’’/DN80R3’’/DN80
Control screen10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN10inch Siemens TOUCH SCREEN
hydraulic motorkw5.5kw-50Hz7.5kw-50Hz7.5kw-50Hz
Vacuum pumpkw5.5kw-50Hz5.5kw-50Hz5.5kw-50Hz
Suction material fankw1.5kw-50Hz1.5kw-50Hz1.5kw-50Hz
Outside dimensionmm5200X2800X43005300x3000x49205300x3800x5300
Equipment N.WkgAbout 9500About 11300About 14000

The Machine Application:

EPP Machine Application

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