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Phenolic Foam Panel Machine

PU Phenolic Panel Production Line

Phenolic Foam Panel Machine

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Phenolic Board Production Line

Product Details

  1. The equipment is accurate and durable.
  2. The tape mechanism has a tension control device, enabling the overlay material evenly into the mould, to make sure the piece has a smooth surface.
  3. The side block and adhesive tape recirculation device can guarantee the sealing of the piece and its demoulding.
  4. The double-crawler laminating system is of pressure proof, and can achieve a continuously automatic productionand limit the foaming material within the mould, ensuring a stable feature in product size.
  5. The following conveying and cutting systems can work simultaneously to produce plates of any length.

Product Parameter

Effective length of laminating machinemm18000--36000
Effective width of laminating machinemm1200
Effective height of laminating machinemm20--250
Laminating machine temperature control range°C≤80
Foaming casting machine flowKg/min6--25
Anti-pressure capability of laminating machine(25°C)Mpa3
Anti-pressure capability of laminating machine(70°C)Mpa2.8
Suitable production thicknessmm20--100
Dimension L*W*HMm(40000--60000)*3000*4000
Installed powerKVA45
Total weightTons40--72

Production Line Details

This production line is widely used for phenolic insulation boards in a very wide range of sizes and different densities.

It can meet customer’s production demand for various soft surface: non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, glass fiber mat, craftpaper,etc. Phenolic insulation board is with good flame resistance (1200°C , oxygen index >50), low smoke formation ,stable elevated temperature property , non absorbent , thermal insulation, acoustic insulation ,anti-corrosion, good durability, It is widely used in America , Japan , Europe and other developed countries’ construction field for sandwich panel refrigerator, air condition pipe ,and insulation system for roof, external wall, equipments , pipe system, etc.

The whole production line mainly includes: soft layer processing system(uncoiler system, heating and foaming platform for soft layers), foaming system, double belt system, double belt heating system, roller system, edge cutting system, cross cut system, electronic control system.


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