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Polystyrene Crusher – EPS Recycle System

Polystyrene Crusher
Polystyrene Crusher

Polystyrene Crusher Machine

Polystyrene crusher can help producer to recycle Expanded polystyrene foam Scraps, foam Board Waste, EPS Wastes and smashed them into beads.

Guangxing Polystyrene Recycle System adopts international leading all in one system technology, making the crushing, sieving and deducting together for systematic production. Mixer help decide the proportion of recycle material and new foaming material for scientific recycle production.

EPS Recycle System Machine

Polystyrene Crusher Parameter

Production Capacity100-200kg/hr (as density)
Dedusting StandardGranule or dust diameter less than 2mm
Inlet Size of Crusher (W x H):600 x 180Mm
Max.Dimension (L x W x H)3100 x 1300 x 1800Mm
Power of Crusher Motor7.5Kw
Power of Dedusting Motor2.2Kw
Power of Dedusting Fan1.1Kw
Power of Material Guiding Fan3Kw

Equipment Delivery

Equipment Delivery

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