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Professional Manufacturer Thermocol Shape Molding Machine

EPS Shape Moulding Machine

Thermocol Shape Molding Machine

Product Description:

Thermocol Packing Shape Molding Machine is integrated with international advanced electronic original components with PLC and a touch screen Chinese displayer.

It works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material , and the two models can be switched as per the structure and form of mould. It is optional for full automatic, semi-automatic an manual operating method.

The Thermocol Shape Molding Machine is driven by hydraulic pressure with a fast/slow differential system to ensure the precise time for mould opening and closing in a n economized time and stable operation.

Various of heating methods can be optionally used as per the product form so as to ensure the product quality. A vacuum and negative pressure system can ensure a low water content, rapid shaping, and short drying period (or without drying).

The Machine Features:

Optimized pipe System:

1.Adopt large diameter steam valve control , reduce heating time and energy saving.

2.Using balance valve or propotional valve to control the main steam pipe, with high and low pressure dual pressure control, to achieve double-sided penetration and different keeping ressure Different pressure setting , optimize the heating process, reduce steam energy con sumption

3.Large-diameter exhaust valve setting , shorter feeding time and more effective. 4.Compressed air is controlled by balance valve. The pressure is adjusted timely, largely reduce electric consumption

Multifunctional control system:

1. The PLC system adopt Schneider programmable controller

2.Use first grade brand in China and world wide for main spare parts, like chneider , AirTAC, Yoshitake, ESG , etc.

3.Control system is designed to meet different production requirements for various EPS foam packaging products.

Advantage of hydraulic system:

1. ecial designed hydraulic station can achieve multi-speed open & close control . The maximum closing speed can reach 265 mm/s

2.With multi-speed mould closing and opening control, machine works more efficient and stable.

3.Mould moving distance is controlled by digital encoder which lead to the smoothly speed conversion , no pause , no impact.

Durable structure:

1. The frame adopt steel plate welding with panel thickness more than δ20 that will be increased strength and the structure will be more stable.
2. Guide sleeve of the main frame adopt bi-parting self-lubricating graphite
3. copper sleeve and special structure design:
4. Adopt high strength aluminum frame sliding door:
5. Self-adaptive moving-mold auxiliary support design:

The Machine Parameter:

Standard mold sizemm1700×14001800×16001900×1500
Finish product sizemm1500×1200×3801600x1400x3801700x1300x380
Mold opening distancemm210-1610210-1610210-1610
Steam consumptionT/T8-128-128-12
Steam inletmmDN100DN100DN100
Cooling water inletmmDN80DN80DN80
Discharge holemmDN150DN150DN150
Compressed airconsumptionkg/cycle1.61.81.8
Vacuum pump airsuction volumem³/min4.664.664.66
Installed powerkw17.220.720.7
Overall dimensionmm4950×2650×55504950X2750X57504950X2850X5750
Machine weightT8.599.5
Cycle timesec6-1206-1306-130

Thermocol Shape Molding Machine Application

Thermocol Shape Molding Machine Application

Thermocol Shape Molding Machine Working Process

Thermocol Shape Molding Machine Woring Process

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