Styrofoam Compactor Machine, EPS Foam Compactor

styrofoam compactor machine

Styrofoam Compactor Machine Video:

Styrofoam Compactor Machine is also called foam briquetting machine and EPS foam compressor. Its principle is to compress foam into blocks by screw extrusion. When in use, just put the foam blocks into the hopper, there is a crusher inside the equipment to break the foam, and then the small pieces of foam are extruded into compressed blocks with a square cross-section through the screw system. This briquetting machine can adopt several common structures such as cold pressing, hot melting and hydraulic pressure. The front end of the compression section is provided with a pressure regulating device to adjust the compression ratio. According to the characteristics of raw materials, the compression ratio can reach 30-40 times, in order to achieve the purpose of smaller foam volume, so as to facilitate long-distance transportation and recycling granulation.

Styrofoam Compactor Machine Features:

1.Configuration Structure

styrofoam compactor machine

The styrofoam compactor machine has reasonable structure design and simple operation (one person can operate it). After the material is crushed, it is directly compressed.

2.Crushing System

Crushing system

The styrofoam compactor machine adopts a high-speed pulverizer, and the knives are specially treated to increase the wear resistance and service life of the knives and improve productivity

3.Motor and Reducer

Motor and reducer

The motor of the foam cold press equipment adopts the international standard pure copper motor; the reducer adopts the high torque hard tooth surface reducer, which has low noise, stable operation and strong bearing capacity.

4.Thickened Screw

Thickened screw

The foam compactor machine equipment is made of thickened high-strength alloy steel. After special treatment, it has the characteristics of non-stick material and high wear resistance, which increases the service life and improves production efficiency.

Heavy 400 FoamCompactor Machine Parameter:

Item Technical Parameter
The Whole Machine Size 2300x2600x1150Mm
Motor Power 15kw
Power of Pump Station 7.5kw
Capacity 260kg/h
Finished Cold Compressed Block 400mm width x 400mm height
Compression Capacity Per cubic meter about 250kg
Reducer Model 400 Model Reducer with Hard Tooth Surface

Styrofoam Compactor Machine Application:

foam block

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