Styrofoam Vacuum Block Moulding Machine

Styrofoam Block Machine

Styrofoam Block Moulding Machine Introduction

Main Machine Features:

Strong Machine Structure:

Styrofoam Block Moulding Machine frameis welded by high-quality profile steel plate and strong rectangular tubes , ensure a strong machine structure from the base .
Processed byheating-treatment to release the welding stress, the machine frames is with high strength, non-deformation, and with and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products.
In order to keep the rust away ,the styrofoam block machine will be processed by shot blast treatment or sand treatment . Then it is painted by several times anti-rust bottom painting and several times of anti-rust surface painting , which will achieve very good anti-corrosion performance and make the whole block molding machine with a longer lifetime .
The surface of the mould is made of special aluminum alloy panel or stainless steel sheet which can realize a high efficiency of heat conduction, favorable tensile strength and long service life.

Steam System :

The block machine is integrated with overseas advanced and special penetrating and heating techniques for shaping, and a high pressure suction fan for material feeding, cooling with a strong penetrability, favorable adhenivity, low consumption of steam, high speed of shaping and low water content so as to ensure the uniformity of inside and outside of the product.

Control System:

The styrofoam block machine is controlled by PLC (Shneider )full computer touch screen displayer (Schneider ) which can realize a full automatic cycle operation of mould opening, mould closing, material feeding, heating, heat preserving, vacuum cooling, demoulding and extruding-out of finished products.

Styrofoam Block Moulding Machine Technical Data

Styrofoam block machine parameter

Styrofoam Block Moulding Machine Work Process

Styrofoam Block Machine work process

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