Vertical EPS 3D Panel Machine – 3D Panel Production Line

vertical eps 3d panel machine
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Vertical EPS 3D Panel Machine

Zhenyou 3D EPS Block Production Line, The Operation is Stable, High Reliability and Long Life Span, Price Reasonable, Welcome to Contact US.

1) Suitable EPS block thickness: 50-100m
2) Suitable wire mesh size: 50*52mm
3) Standard 3D panel dimension: 3000mmL*1200mmW
4) Max 3D panel length: 4500mm
5) Steel wire specification: 2-2.5mm cold draw carbon steel
6) Installed power: 75KVA

Specification of 3D Panel

3D Panel Production Line
Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Truss wire(mm) Mesh size(mm)
2400-6000 C1220 CMax.150 CΦ2.5-3.0 C50x50



Production Capacity Approx.500-800㎡/8 hours
EPS core panel thickness 40 – 150mm
Density of EPS core panel required 16kg/m³
Wire required Cold drawing galvanized steel wire
Distance between wire mesh net & EPS core panel 15mm

3D Panel Automatic Welding Line

3D Panel-Production Line
Input Power Supply AC380V 50HZ 120KVA
Air Source Equipment 3.6m/min 0.7Mpa
Wire Mesh Structure 100mmx100mm or 50*50mm or by requirements
Welded Mesh Wire Diameter 2.0-3.0mm
Inserting Wire Diameter 2.5-3.0mm
Thickness of EPS Core 40mm-150mm
Structure of Inserting Wire sparse, dense inserting  single,double sides mesh
Distance between EPS Core and Mesh 15mm or by requirements
Length 3000mm-6000mm
Width 1220mm
3D panel lack welding rate ≤3%

Vertical EPS 3D Panel Machine Applicaton

vertical eps 3d panel machine application

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