Production Flow of ICF Blocks

The earliest application of ICF block moulding machine was in Germany, and then combined with China’s national conditions, independent research and development and independent innovation, which gave birth to a production equipment that can produce new energy-saving building wall materials suitable for China’s basic national conditions, creating China’s energy-efficient buildings The new chapter of history in the field is widely promoted. Its superior thermal insulation, fire resistance, earthquake resistance and other properties have been recognized by the broad masses of people, giving the people a comfortable living environment.

icf block machine with robotic arm

Production Flow of ICF Foam Blocks:

②Dry curing bed

Fluidized drying bed

③Storage bin

Storage bin

⑤Auxiliary equipment(boiler, Air pump, Cooling towers, mould)

ICF Block Mould

⑥The finished producticf block machine with robotic arm application

ICF Module Building Advantages:

1.Insulation advantages:

For double insulation with EPS building modules to build the wall inside and outside has 6 ㎝ insulation layer, the module dovetail groove and concrete on the inner surface, outer surface dovetail groove combined with plaster layer formed strong completely, so as to realize combined with wall body as a whole and the effect of heat preservation with home life, absolutely won’t happen loss situation and have the best heat preservation effect.

2.Insulation advantages:

The construction cycle of EPS building module can be completed in about 25 days (the main structure can be completed in about 7 days).Can shorten building time greatly, reduced labor cost greatly.

3.Insulation advantages:

EPS building block fire rating B1 will not burn and not easy to fall off.

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