EPS Cement Coating Machine

EPS Foam Cement Coating Machine

Cement Coating Machine

EPS Cement Coating Machine Brief Introduction:

The EPS Coating Machine (Cement Coating System) is mainly used to help coat cement on the surface of EPS foam cornice, for colorful decoration. It mainly consist of cement mortar mixer, conveyor and main coating machinery. First install mesh-cloth onto cutted EPS shapes, then use this machine for cement coating.

EPS Coating Machine Technical Data:

Maximum size of the effective product: L 2 x W 1 x H0.6m.
Production speed : 5~10m/min

EPS Coating Machine

Cement mortar mixing station

Include mortar hoist, upper mixing tank , lower storage tank

1) Machine size : 2.5×1.3×0.8M

2) Machine weight : 1 ton

3) Mortar hoist:
Effective lifting height 2m,
Transmission belt motor: 1.5kw;

4) Upper mixing tank:
Dia.63 x H 50cm ;
Stirring motor: 3kw
Stirring capacity: 100kg / cycle
Stirring time: 4 ~ 6mins

5) Lower storage tank:
Dia. 63 x H 40cm
Stirring motor : 1.5kw.

Cement Mortar Conveyor:

1) Effective height 1.7~1.9m adjustable , width 30cm ;
2) Drive motor : 0.75kw ;
3) Speed : 30m/min
4) Weight : 0.2 ton

EPS Cement Coating Machine:

1) Machine size : 3.2×1.5×1.6m
2) Speed: 5~10m/min
3) Transmission motor: 0.75kw
4) Weight : 0.3 ton

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