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Hebei Guangxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional machine manufacturer with R&D, design, production, marketing and good after-sales service, for Styrofoam EPS Pre-expander, EPS Block Molding Machine, EPS Foam Cutting Machine Styrofoam, EPS Shape Molding Machine, PU/Phenolic/Rockwool Insulation panel machine, EPS/PU/PIR Color Steel Sandwich Panel Machine.

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· EPS Pre-expander Machine

EPS Pre-expander Machine is the head component of EPS production line, Guangxing machinery professional EPS Pre-expander, including EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine, Fully Automatic Vacuum EPS Pre-Expander Machine, Lost Foam EPS Batch Pre-expander Machine, and the latest 200 Type Round High Precision EPS Pre expander, In addition, We can also provide EPS Raw Material Formula to improve production efficiency.

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