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Our flame retardant grade EPS raw materials and Graphite EPS Beads Material have been evaluated by the National Safety Testing Laboratory Inc. Improper processing methods may reduce the flame retardant properties of ZKF blister. For example, the use of non-flame-retardant pigments in the blister, or the mixing of common type EPS, may result in reduced combustion performance. In order to obtain a certain level of flame retardancy, a certain storage time must be given to allow the residual blowing agent to escape from the blister, which is mainly based on the residual blowing agent content, apparent density, and product size.

· EPS Raw Materials

EPS raw material foam products, commonly known as the mainland foam. Light weight, non-toxic, tasteless; Good water resistance, thermal insulation, insulation, strong seismic strength, light weight, strong, easy to shape, beautiful, low price. EPS is short for expandable polystyrene.It can not only make different density, different shape of foam plastic products, but also produce various thickness of foam sheet.Widely used in construction, heat preservation, packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields.It can also be used in the production of exhibition hall, commodity cabinet, advertisement signboard and toy.Set heat preservation, waterproof, fire prevention, decorative functions as one.

· Bag packaging net weight: 25kg

25kg bulk eps material
EPS resin packed in 25kg bag

· Bag packaging net weight: 850kg

850kg eps raw material-bulk bag
850kg eps raw material bulk bag

· EPS Raw Material Loading Containers For Shipment

EPS raw material-shipping
eps raw material shipping