Guangxing EPS Shape Moulding Machine is driven by hydraulic pressure with a fast/slow differential system to ensure the precise time for mould opening and closing in a n economized time and stable operation, Made by high quality steel plate (Thickness 25mm). After welding and pre-machining , EPS Shape Moulding Machine main frame is processed with stress relief annealing treatment Pipe inner side is processed with zinc spraying.

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    EPS Shape Moulding Machine

    Guangxing Machinery is the largest manufacturer of EPS Shape Moulding Machine in northern China. The styrofoam moulding machines are superior in performance, high in production efficiency, very low failure rate, and are recognized by many customers in both China and International market. Guangxing Machinery provides various types of EPS Shape Moulding Machine for foam box packaging, ICF blocks, etc. If you are interested, We can provide you with the best EPS Moulding Machine solution. Welcome to contact us.

    EPS Shape Moulding Machine works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material , and the two models can be switched as per the structure and form of mould. It is optional for full automatic, semi-automatic an manual operating method.

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