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Hebei Guangxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, is a professional machine manufacturer with R&D, design, production, marketing and good after-sales service, for Styrofoam EPS Pre-expander, EPS Block Molding Machine, EPS Foam Cutting Machine, Styrofoam EPS Shape Molding Machine, ICF Blocks, PU/Phenolic/Rockwool Insulation panel machine,EPS / PU / PIR Color Steel Sandwich Panel Machine.

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· ICF Block – Insulated Concrete Foam Blocks

Insulated Concrete Form Blocks are the most widely used materials for foam concrete in wall materials. In southern China, the density range of 900-1200kg/m³ ICF blocks generally be used as the infill wall for the frame structure, mainly utilizing the characteristics of good thermal insulation and light weight of the block. Polystyrene foam concrete blocks are widely used in urban building construction. This kind of block is made of polystyrene foam as the frame, which can be used for inner and outer non-bearing wall materials, and can also be used for roof insulation materials.

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We also manufacture EPS Shape Moulding Machine.

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