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Guangxing EPS Pre expander Machine adopting Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the machine realized automatic material feeding, electronic weighing, temperature controlling and material level control, etc. EPS Pre Expander Machine is composed of world famous brand of electrical components, pneumatic components and valves the quality of which are reliable so that ensures precise control on temperature and pressure as well as uniform beading and density of foam material.

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· EPS Pre expander Machine

EPS Pre expander Machine is the head component of EPS production line, Guangxing machinery professional EPS Pre-expander, including Continuous Pre Expander, Batch Pre-expander Machine, Fully Automatic Vacuum EPS Pre expander Machine, Lost Foam EPS Batch Pre expander Machine, and the latest 200 Type Round High Precision EPS Pre expander, In addition, We can also provide EPS Raw Material Formula to improve production efficiency.

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